Rashtriya Military School Ajmer

Pentangular Meet

The XXVth Inter Rashtriya Military Schools Pentangular Meet was held at RMS Chail, HP from 09 to 12 Oct 2019. Pentangular Meet is organized to develop the spirit of competitiveness, camaraderie and to provide for a healthy interaction amongst the cadets & staff of RMSs. All the 05 sister schools competed in football, boxing, basketball, debate & quiz spread over 04 days. The participants contested in all the events with full zeal and enthusiasm amongst overwhelming support from their team members.
XXV Pentangular Meet RMS Ajmer was the winner of the XXV Pentangular Meet organised at RMS Chail wef 09-12 Oct 2019 for the second consecutive time. The result of the Meet is as under:

SNo School Points Position
1 RMS Ajmer 20 First
2 RMS Bengaluru 17 Second
3 RMS Dholpur 16 Third
4 RMS Chail 11 Fourth
5 RMS Belgaum 11 Fifth

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