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School Mortivational Hall

While recalling the school days, especially the period upto early ‘Seventies’,the Aumni would certainly be reminded of the imposing Hall in the temple complex in the western periphery of the school. The two black marble plaques, in English and Hindi, embedded on either side of the main door of the building; tell you that the foundation stone of this Hall was laid by CaptTCB Johnstone, the second Commandant, on 06 Jan 1936 (Paush Shukla 13 Samvat 1992).It also informs you that the non-military design of the building, eminently suiting the purpose, was prepared by HavBakhshish Singh of the Military Engineering Services (MES) and that the funds for construction were collected from the units and the construction took place under the supervision of Risaldar Major Khazan Singh, the Chief Instructor, with active support of the soldiers of Indian Army Regiments and ShramDaanby the Cadets. This robust yet elegant Community Hall built with the sweat and toil of our predecessors thus served the School for well over 75 years.

Capt Kuldeep Singh (124/PP) along with his cousin, Maj Niranjan Singh (125/PP), most sportingly volunteered to undertake the extensive restoration work in honour and memory of Col Girdhari Singh AVSM, himself an Old Boy of KGRIMC and father of Capt Kuldeep Singh.A brief Pooja attended by some old boys, Lt Col VK Sharma, the then Principal and the School and House appointments was held in the front lawns of the building on16 Sep 14. The actual restoration work commenced on 07 Jan 2015 under Civil Contractor Shri Ram Narain Sharma and Shri Gopi Ram Sharma who ably executed the entire work. Mr Harish Chand, the Hindi Teacher and Secretary, School Mandir Committee under the guidance of Lt Col Amit Dagar, the incumbent Principal, most enthusiastically played a pivotal role in ensuring close supervision of the work and meticulous maintenance of accounts. Capt Kuldeep and Maj Niranjan invested over Rupees 25 lakhs to bring it to its magnificent state. The renovation work was completed to the best possible values of restorative civil works. The laying of interlocking cement tiles in the periphery, landscaping and development of surrounding lawns, planting of hedge, installation of Public Address system in the hall etc has been done with the money received through handsome contributionsfrom the alumni and the staff. Fully restored building was inaugurated on Saturday, 07 May 2016 by Capt Kuldeep Singh, Cdt Kuldip Singh, (3103/AK), the School Captain and Cadet Arjun Singh Tomar, (3481/AK), Class 6th, the youngest cadet of the School. It surely would be the future endeavour of every Cadet to ensure that the legacy and associated pride of this building is maintained by the coming generations. After detailed deliberations among alumni during which valuable suggestions were received from Dr. JS Naruka (1252; PJ; 1963), Capt Nalin Das (218; PP; 1972), Brig PS Soin (12; AK; 1969), Maj Gen RPS Malhan (1317; CD; 1964), Maj Gen OP Beniwal (1508; AK; 1967), Mr Hari Rajawat (99; AK; 1973), Mr KS Ram (1532; SC; 1970), Col NS Rana (1444; PP; 1967), GpCaptMontosh Roy (1529; PJ; 1968) and Lt Gen SN Handa ( 1503; CD; 1967), and between alumni, Principal and the staff, it was unanimously agreed and decided that the best utilization of the renovated building would be as a Motivation Hall. This will not only complement the school Museum in recording the school history but will play a vital role in motivating and inspiring young Cadets to achieve their goals and ambitions in life. Such utilization would also ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of the building till it is taken over by MES for maintenance.

Setting-up of Motivation Hall

Consequent to the decision to utilize the community hall as a motivation hall, guidelines for establishing it were drafted by a committee consisting of the Principal Lt Col Amit Dagar, Mr SN Mathur (ex-teacher), Lt Gen Sumer Singh (41; AK; 1971), Mr SK Lal (ex-teacher and student) and Mr Rishi Choudhary, a serving teacher, to assist in framing the details of the exhibits. Various suggestions were incorporated after necessary deliberations. The aim was to leave out nothing that merited inclusion. Exhibits would be added continuously.

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