Rashtriya Military School Ajmer

Cadet's Mess

The Schools provide to the cadets well-balanced, and nourishing diet. The cadets are served three meals a day in addition to milk in the morning and tea & snacks in the forenoon and afternoon. The daily menu invariably includes fresh fruit, milk, butter, jam, eggs, cereals, vegetables and meat/fish/chicken. Separate arrangement exists for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Cadets are required to follow School discipline meticulously. Younger cadets are guided and helped by the senior cadets to learn to live in a disciplined way.

Building No 10, located at the northern end of the vintage ten barracks continues to house what were earlier referred to as the Dining Halls and now as the Cadets’ Mess and has occupied a dominant position, and rightly so, in the routine life of the cadets. Till 70’s, there were two large halls on either end of the barrack, with two cook houses and ration store-cum-office of the matrons in the centre. While the western cook house and the dining hall served JB/SC and PJ houses, the eastern side was for CD/AK and PP houses. This is a building which has seen repeated modifications and extensions due to increase in the number of students over a period of time. In early 60’s, the open verandahs of the two halls were enclosed and merged with the main halls to create more space.

For the last two decades or so, a need was being felt for a new modern Cadets’ Mess. Persistent efforts of the School management bore fruit when a New Cadets Mess for 450 cadets with cookhouse and furniture. The new cadets’ mess will also be a magnificent double story structure in Rajasthani architecture. It has been located in between the newly constructed FM Cariappa Hostel and the proposed location of the second 175 cadet hostel (Barracks 7,8,9), to provide easy access and save time. The construction has already commenced in May 2018 and the probable date of completion is Mar 2020.

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