Rashtriya Military School Ajmer

Library & Info Complex

The old library was housed in one of the barracks adjoining the class rooms. A double-storied modern structure to house both, the school library and the proposed information room was projected in 2007-08 and sanctioned in 2009-10. It was completed in 2010-11 and was taken on charge in Apr 2012. This resulted in the unfortunate but inevitable loss of the erstwhile hockey field no 1.

Today, the school has a well-stocked library, containing around 16,000 books on various subjects. Cadets are encouraged to cultivate the reading habit and are provided opportunities to go through several newspapers and periodicals. The annual library grant, which is now over Rs 2 lakh, has contributed substantially towards the development of the library. A focused effort has been made in the last few years to add to the greenery around the complex. The complex also has space for organizing exhibitions during annual day function.

Library Housing IT Section and fully AC with State of Art infrastructure. and Digital Kiosks(Information Systems)

Library Incharge Librarian Mr KK Parashar single handedly maintiang the library.
The authorites are planning that in future to start the digital library adjacent to the Library and will have ten PCs, each provided with earphones. Every computer has over 20,000 electronic books at the disposal of avid readers. Every workstation is provided with earphones so that the booklover can listen while reading. It also provides facilities like a Talking Dictionary

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