Rashtriya Military School Ajmer

Games and Sports

Games and Sports are an integral part of the educational curriculum and have been a forte of the students ever since the school was established. Playfields are spread out encircling the academic and residential buildings and they provide an ideal setting for developing the mental and physical faculties of cadets and teachers. Physical education and sporting activities go a long way towards developing confidence, discipline and team spirit. The requisite emphasis on sports has increased because the school has mostly been a nursery for the NDA, where due stress is laid on these aspect.
The most significant feature of the school is the endeavour for an all-round development of its students. Their balanced involvement in games and sports ensures attainment of the basic aim of education of developing a perfect personality comprising balanced development of physical, moral and intellectual faculties. Inter-house tournaments are conducted at junior and senior levels to ensure maximum participation in various games. To develop leadership qualities, the spirit of competition and bonhomie, ‘pentangular Meets’ are held periodically amongst the five RMSs. Cadets have not only done exceptionally well at the school level but have excelled at IPSC, Inter-school, district, state and national level tournaments. The necessary sports infrastructure and the devoted staff in the school have produced Olympians, Arjuna awardees, Vice Chancellors of sports universities and sportsmen of national and international repute.

• InterSchool Tournament-2018-19
• In 2018-19, Cadets 3106 Satyam Kant and 2998 Sachin Kumar won gold medals
• In 2018-2019, Cadets 3318 Jatin Kumar and 3274 Aman Singh won gold medals
• In 2016-2017, Cadets 3151 Antoni Gurjar, 3341 Jatin Baliyan, 3410 Himanshu, 3392 Piyush Kr Yadav, 3328 Vikash and 3363 Jayant Chahar won gold medals.

• The school won the 2016-17 under-14 and under-17 Ajmer district football championships. Nine cadets were selected for the state-level tournament.

• Inter School Tournaments 2019-20
• The school won the 2019-20 U-17 Football. District Winners and five cadets selected for state level.
• The school won the 2019-20 U-17 Basketball. District Runner up and two cadets selected for state level.
• The school won the 2019-20 U-14 Volleyball. Forth position in the District and two cadets selected for state level.
• The school won the 2019-20 U-14 Basketball. Forth position in the District and two cadets selected for state level
• IPSC Boxing: 10 Cadets participated in the IPSC Boxing Tournament held at RMS Dholpur and secured 01 x Gold, 05x Silver & 02 x Bronze medals. Cadet Himanshu of Cl X has been selected for Boxing Nationals U-17 to be held in the month of November.
• The XXVth Inter Rashtriya Military Schools Pentangular Meet was held at RMS Chail, HP from 09 to 12 Oct 2019. Pentangular Meet is organized to develop the spirit of competitiveness, camaraderie and to provide for a healthy interaction amongst the cadets & staff of RMSs. All the 05 sister schools competed in football, boxing, basketball, debate & quiz spread over 04 days. The participants contested in all the events with full zeal and enthusiasm amongst overwhelming support from their team members.
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