Rashtriya Military School Ajmer

Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities form a very important part of the curriculum. These go a long way in developing the personality and character of the cadets and thus greatly contribute towards furthering the aim of the school to prepare cadets for the defence services.

Co-curricular Activities (CCA)

CCAs help cadets to shed their inhibitions and shyness and develop self-confidence and communication and public speaking skills. They also assist them to widen their horizons of knowledge English and Hindi co-curricular activities organised in the school include inter-house debates, recitation, extempore, declamation, essay and story writing and quiz competitions besides digital assemblies and stage deliveries. An earnest endeavour is made to encourage participation of the maximum number of cadets by organising inter-house competitions at junior and senior levels. In addition to activities being organised in the school itself, students are provided opportunities to participate in inter-school activities organised at district, state and national levels. It is extremely heartening to record that the school won the prestigious Inter-School Hindi Debate organised annually at RIMC Dehradun for the fourth time in succession in 2018 beating contestants from other nationally reputed schools like RIMC, Scindia Gwalior, Lawrence Sanawar, Doon and Welham’s,.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities provide an opportunity to develop and improve the creativity, ingenuity, imagination and, above all, the inquisitiveness of cadets. They also help to channelize their energy by engaging them in hobbies, which not only provide mental relaxation and enjoyment but are also an opportunity to learn new skills. The school has a wide variety of hobby clubs which conduct their activities on the second and fourth Saturdays. They include art/painting, adventure, tours and hikes, cycling, nature and bird-watching, karate, philately, photography, aero and Ship modelling, alchemy, electronics, Hindi and English literary clubs, music and drama and journalism. Adventure activities are organized to develop special qualities of courage, leadership, a spirit of adventure and sportsman spirit . They also inculcate team spirit and self-confidence. Adventure activities undertaken include hiking and trekking, rock climbing and rappelling, para-sailing, shooting and archery and high-altitude/ Siachen Glacier trek. The skills of the art/painting club are displayed in the assembly hall during functions and on the annual day. The music and drama club also makes a very valuable contribution in organizing cultural events in the school. English and Hindi literary clubs are of immense help in preparing the school newsletter and magazine.

Inter-House Competitions

Inter-house competitions play a very important role in developing personality and building character by inculcating the spirit of healthy competition among cadets. They are organized to give the opportunity to participate in various co-curricular and sports competitions with the aim of raising self-esteem, developing self-confidence and building team spirit and esprit de corps. Inter-house competitions cover the entire gamut of school activities from academics to interior economy, co-curricular activities and games and sports. Spread throughout the year, they help to keep the cadets’ interest alive in school activities, providing a sense of individual and collective achievement besides keeping them creatively occupied. Inter-house competitions also help to prepare cadets for inter-school competitions and throwing up new talent in various fields. The achievements of the school are a matter of pride and a vindication of the high standards of inter-house competitions.


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